A Seat at the Table – Benesch Joins Purdue Northwest’s Diversity Panel

People | November 09, 2021


Headshot of Chenoa Boldin and Sandra Pond

HAMMOND, IN — In preparation for life after graduation, Purdue University Northwest students gathered last month for Diversity Matters, a panel discussion with various professionals. Benesch Chief Human Resources Officer Sandra Pond and Director of Administrative Services Chenoa Boldin shared their experiences and advice with the students.

“The event provided a wonderful opportunity for us to speak to diverse students about their future careers,” said Pond. “As a woman and minority, I feel a sense of responsibility to give back and help future generations prepare for their journey.”

Presented with a panel of leaders from several companies, students were invited to ask their most pressing questions. Most inquiries centered around how to find inclusive workplaces that allowed them to be their authentic selves.

“My biggest piece of advice for the students was to look for representation when evaluating a company. When just starting out in your career, having mentors and people at the table you identify with is incredibly valuable,” shared Boldin.

Group photo of panelists at the Diversity Matters event

Benesch’s Chenoa Boldin and Sandra Pond were joined on the panel by Bob Berdelle (left) of Enterprise Holdings and Marcus Evans (right) of UJAMAA Construction.

While the students learned helpful career tips, both Pond and Boldin were reminded of the importance of their diversity and inclusion efforts at Benesch. As members of Benesch’s employee-driven Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Focus Team, they continuously work to ensure Benesch’s policies and culture support a diverse workforce.

“Students have many options in terms of employment and are very astute in their approach towards finding the right fit. It’s our duty as employers to provide environments where every person feels included,” said Pond.

Benesch is committed to evaluating policies and providing resources to employees that foster an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace. The company’s EDI initiatives in 2021 included launching an Employee Resource Group program, which connects coworkers from underrepresented groups in pursuit of mentorship, meaningful resource and knowledge sharing and professional networking. Benesch looks forward to growing the program and executing the EDI initiatives that are developed as a result.