Benesch’s Summer Internship Program Begins

Benesch welcomes 33 new students and 6 returning interns for the firm’s summer 2021 internship program this week. Joining us from 22 schools across 11 states, the interns will participate in a nine-week program facilitating both personal and professional growth.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have this talented group joining us for the next few months. Through this program, interns will take part in the exceptional culture we’ve cultivated at Benesch while getting hands-on experience in our industry,” said Benesch Chief Human Resources Officer Sandra Pond.  

The interns will be integrated into the company—working on projects, interfacing with leadership and adding to the culture. The program will conclude with a capstone presentation to their leadership team where they are invited to reflect on their experience at Benesch.

“With their excitement and fresh perspectives, I think we will learn just as much from them as they will from us,” said Pond. “We’re looking forward to growing the program and helping future generations gain valuable experience.”

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