Chicago Riverwalk

11th Street, Water Main Replacement

Water Tower Rehabilitation

7th and Jones Street Sewer Repair

Phase 1 Water System Improvements

Wastewater Treatment Plant Capital Improvements

Downriver Wastewater Treatment Facility Capital Improvement Program

Jersey Creek Watershed Combined Sewer Separation Projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan

Turkey Creek Stream Stabilization

Hulse Area Drainage

Flood Response Planning

Northeast Industrial District Green Pilot Project

Chase State Lake Draw Down Tower

Leavenworth County State Fishing Lake – Spillway Replacement

Kauffman Dam Rehabilitation

Water Main Replacement Project – Phase 1

Wastewater Treatment Plant Major Rehabilitation

Storage Tank and Waterline Extensions

Selinsgrove Center Water Tower Rehabilitation

Lofty Dam Rehabilitation

Lofty Dam Rehabilitation – Wetlands

Joint Act 537 Plan Update

Indian Run Dam

Ashland Dam Raising Project

Water Distribution System Upgrades

Bath Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Brush Creek Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation

Upper & Lower Owl Creek Dam

Wetmore Run Dam Feasibility Study & Improvements

Mount Laurel Dam

Augusta Greenway Culvert Replacement

Waverly Watershed Master Plan

St. John’s & Drums Wastewater Treatment Plant

Reevesdale/Newkirk Waterline Extension

Gardner Lift Stations

Lee’s Summit Green Infrastructure

City of Pontiac Comprehensive Water Audit

Inkster Water Services Program

West Springfield Flood Control

Springfield Flood Control System Improvement Design & Inspection

East Hartford Flood Protection System

Pine Run Dam

Pennsylvania Turnpike Rain Gardens

Hegins-Hubley Waterline

Schuylkill River West Branch Headwaters Restoration

Schuylkill Valley Sewer Authority Collection System

DWSD Pumping Unit Replacements

DWSD Electrical Energy Audit

Springwells Water Treatment Plant

Lantern Hill Dam Roadway

Mill Dam Breach & Stream Restoration

North Lake Dam Emergency Action Plan

WCAA Comprehensive Water System Inventory