The AEC industry is changing quickly and keeping up with the latest technology, trends and opportunities is more important than ever. By tapping into our extensive roster of subject matter experts at Benesch, we collected insightful articles aimed at sparking discussion and driving innovation in the AEC industry.

Covering a range of topics, including technology advancements, project management best practices, and more, these articles seek to educate and inspire others to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The Rise of Microtransit

Despite being home to most Americans, suburban areas are rarely effectively served by traditional transit networks. To address this, a new transit concept is on the rise across the country: Mobility-on-Demand (MOD), also known as microtransit. In this article, Benesch Senior Project Manager Randy Farwell offers expert insight into MOD and shares success stories from the communities he has helped.

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Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in 2023

In the first weeks of 2023, Benesch subject matter experts offered insight into the top challenges and opportunities they see coming in the new year. From inflation and staffing challenges to new opportunities brought by technology, this article provides insight into what will be impacting the industry in 2023 and beyond.

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Writing Successful Grant Applications in a Competitive Market

While budgets are tight for communities across the country, infrastructure needs continue to pile up. Agencies, now more than ever, are relying on grants to fund their projects. With the application process often being time-consuming and overwhelming for agencies looking to take advantage of these funds—not to mention the increasing competition for IIJA monies and federal grants—Benesch experts came together to offer their top tips for crafting successful grant applications.

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3D Technology and the Future of Design

Across the globe, infrastructure is changing to meet the needs of modern communities, and the technology used to plan, design and construct it is changing too. From 3D modeling to augmented reality, the AEC industry is increasingly implementing innovative tools and techniques to keep up with an evolving world. 

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Construction Managers’ Tips for Setting Your Project Up for Success

When you’re responsible for multi-million-dollar investments in your community’s infrastructure, nothing is more important than project success. Though that sounds like a simple goal, even the most straightforward project with a strong design can present complex challenges when it comes to construction.

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