Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Specialist - Remote 

Benesch is currently seeking a Cyber Security Specialist to join our Rail Division's Technical Solution Services team. In this role, you will serve as an extension of our MIS/security function, collaborating directly with engineers and designers who are responsible for developing software applications for our clients. This position will require you to safeguard software applications from potential threats and breaches. As the liaison between security and development, you will ensure that applications are designed, developed, and deployed in a secure manner.

The ideal candidate should have a solid working knowledge of information and application security concepts. As the designated expert for all applications developed by Benesch, you will play a key role in defining the company's application security program and growth initiatives. Experience with Quickbase, ESRI, and AWS is highly preferred.

Location: In this role, you'll enjoy the flexibility of full remote work. With Benesch's extensive network of 50 office locations, you're welcome to visit any nearby office at your convenience. 

The Impact You Will Have: 

  • Verify and validate that applications are constructed securely, ensuring adequate data protection.
  •  Collaborate with developers to ensure adherence to SDLC principles throughout all life cycle stages.
  •  Regularly review generated logs to uphold system and data integrity.
  •  Coordinate routine web application security testing for all applications. Implement automated security checks and scans to identify and rectify vulnerabilities during the development process promptly.
  •  Conduct code reviews and offer guidance on remediation strategies.
  •  Ensure effective security measures are in place in production environments. Provide advice on network architecture reviews in production environments.
  •  Address and respond to specific client requests related to custom-built applications.
  •  Cultivate a relationship with Quickbase to ensure access to relevant audit reports and provide assistance with any suspected security incidents.
  •  Ensure compliance with SLAs outlined in contracts.
  •  When time permits, collaborate with other MIS staff to compile an inventory of various programming languages used by different groups working with clients. Understand the activities performed and repeat the responsibilities above accordingly.
  •  Acquire knowledge and comprehension of all APIs associated with diverse SaaS applications across Benesch, ensuring they operate with optimal security.
  •  Conduct training sessions for developers and other IT staff on secure coding practices, adherence to security standards, and awareness of the latest threats and countermeasures.
  •  Assist in the management of the AWS platform.
  •  Support various coding assignments, including using Java, Python, HTML, and Jinja. 

What We Are Looking For: 

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant discipline
  • 5+ years of Cyber Security experience
  • Proficiency in various programming languages, including Python, Java, HTML, and Jinja. Willingness and capability to learn the Quickbase platform for auditing purposes.
  • Understanding of AWS management and security principles.
  • Familiarity with Credit Card Payment gateways.
  •  Knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process and its principles.
  •  Awareness of OWASP Top 10 and NIST security frameworks, with a preference for NIST over CIS or ISO.
  • Understanding of secure coding practices.
  •  Familiarity with security tools such as static analysis tools, dynamic analysis tools, and penetration testing tools. These tools enable engineers to detect and address vulnerabilities in both the code and the running application.

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