City of Omaha

156th Street

Omaha, NE

This project involved preparation of an Environmental Assessment for the widening of 156th Street, a two-lane asphalt roadway, to a four-lane concrete urban arterial for the City of Omaha. The project upgrades an existing two-lane rural street to a four-lane urban street with turn lanes, curbs and gutters. The project also includes installing drainage facilities and reconstructing water and wastewater mains and private utility lines, constructing bike paths, sidewalks and curb ramps, installing a new traffic signal, street lighting and communications infrastructure, building retaining walls and reconstructing adjacent roads to match with the improvements. Important components of the EA included residential traffic impacts, trails, business coordination, evaluation of noise walls, pedestrian accommodations, school crossings, and public involvement.

Project highlights

  • Construction timing
  • School access
  • Business impacts
  • Noise walls
  • Utility coordination