A Commitment to Value – MoDOT Southwest District AVA Program


A core responsibility of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is to maximize budgets without compromising the mission and principles of the department when delivering projects. When required on multi-million-dollar initiatives, MoDOT has utilized the Value Engineering (VE) process of review and analysis founded on national best practices and FHWA guidelines. The VE evaluation has demonstrated proven success at identifying value while addressing the core purpose and need of the project. Considering the effectiveness of the VE process, MoDOT desired the ability to borrow principles and techniques of the process and apply them on smaller projects. Consequently, the Accelerated Value Analysis (AVA) approach was developed to review projects and develop alternatives to optimize budgets.

AVA is an abbreviated review that is conducted relatively quickly. After completing numerous AVAs internally, MoDOT engaged Benesch to develop procedures that could contribute to a pilot AVA program statewide. Starting with a number of projects in the State’s Southwest District, MoDOT requested that Benesch provide experienced staff to facilitate and execute these AVA studies. MoDOT personnel remained involved during introductory and final presentation stages.

Following AVA reviews, an abridged AVA report was prepared. The report contained a summary of the process including all identified alternative ideas, the recommended alternatives and an estimate of the cost impacts. This pilot program is intended to be self-sustaining, meaning that the value identified needs to offset the investment MoDOT is making in the AVA process. Early indications are positive and support MoDOT’s goal of expanding this process statewide.

Project highlights

  • AVAs will be performed on a quarter of the projects in a given year
  • Refined and abbreviated Value Engineering inspired Pilot Program