Florida Department of Transporation

Accessing Transit: Design Handbook for Florida Bus Passenger Facilities

Statewide, Florida

Benesch was selected by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Public Transit Office to update versions III and IV of its Accessing Transit: Design Handbook for Florida Bus Passenger Facilities. This handbook is a key resource to provide guidance to transit agencies, state and local governments, and other interested entities on the planning, design, placement, and installation of transit bus stops and related facilities and infrastructure consistent with state and federal laws, regulations, and best practices. Version IV of the Accessing Transit Handbook was completed in 2023.

Benesch also routinely conducts statewide training courses on the Accessing Transit Handbook content. These training courses range from full day sessions to provide a comprehensive overview of all Handbook chapters to half-day sessions targeting content for specific audiences, such as designers. The training sessions include presentations on Handbook content, interactive activities to demonstrate understanding of the concepts learned, and best practice examples from transit or other public agency experiences related to planning, design, placement, and installation of accessible transit bus stops and infrastructure. Statewide training courses on the latest Accessing Transit Handbook (ver. IV) are planned for early 2024.

Project highlights

  • Develop effective resource for industry professionals to apply at key decision points and in the design of transit facilities within state rights-of-way
  • Complete comprehensive update to statewide handbook to meet the latest state and federal requirements
  • Provide printed and online resources that incorporate applicable minimum standards and best practices to assist decision-makers at all levels