City of Monroe

Belk Tonawanda Park

Monroe, NC

In 2015, the City of Monroe developed a Comprehensive Park and Recreation Master Plan that identified the desires of community residents and the need to make improvements to existing parks. Belk Tonawanda Park, a popular Downtown park, was identified as one of the existing parks that needed improvements.

Benesch assisted the City with a site-specific master plan for the park renovation/expansion. Upon completion of the master plan, Benesch is now preparing detailed design for the first phase of expansion with a new parking area and access point, promoting pedestrian connectivity to the park, loop trail and greenway.

Additional proposed elements include a splash pad, restrooms, picnic shelters, a new amphitheater, and fitness equipment. In addition, existing facilities will undergo reorganization in order to accommodate the needs of events and programming.

Project highlights

  • Splash pad feature and expanded picnicking facilities provide positive economic impact by attracting new visitors
  • Additional park entrance alleviates stress around the current access point
  • Extended trail system accommodates new restroom facilities