Chicago Department of Transportation

Chicago DOT Citywide Bridge Inspections

Chicago, IL

The Chicago Bridge Inspection Team (CBIT), a Joint Venture of Alfred Benesch & Company and another firm, is providing inspection services for the entire Chicago Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) bridge inventory. The overall objectives are to:

  • Ensure the CDOT bridges are structurally adequate for their intended use
  • Update and submit the required Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) bridge inspection forms
  • Maintain and update the CDOT bridge infrastructure database
  • Assist CDOT with prioritizing the bridge infrastructure for further capital maintenance funding

CDOT’s bridge inventory includes more than 400 bridges of various types, including: movable structures, fixed span structures, viaducts, three-sided frame structures, pedestrian structures, and expressway overpass structures.

As Consultant Program Manager, CBIT is performing bridge inspections in accordance with the NBIS, AASHTO, IDOT and CDOT requirements and guidelines. The following NBIS inspection types are being performed: routine, initial, special, fracture critical, underwater and element level, as well as the mechanical and electrical inspections of the movable bridges.

CBIT is also responsible for the following professional engineering services:

  • Bridge load capacity ratings of complex bridges
  • Structural peer review of complex bridges
  • Value engineering studies
  • On-call bridge engineering, including emergency repairs
  • Bridge Management System development including electronic data collection

Project highlights

  • Nearly 200 bridge inspections per year requiring an army of Certified Team Leaders and inspectors
  • Inspections include 41 movable bridges
  • Extensive coordination and logistics with subconsultants, equipment rental vendors, and adjacent property owners
  • Secure CDOT, U.S. Coast Guard and railroad ROE permits
  • Load rating of complex bridges using AASHTOWare or equivalent software
  • Required fall protection, confined space, railroad safety and advanced NHI training
  • Design of bridge emergency repairs