Connecticut Department of Transportation

Connecticut DOT Task Order Engineering

Various locations, CT

Benesch provided comprehensive survey, traffic, roadway, highway, structural, and environmental engineering services to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) under this task based contract. Highway/Roadway projects include:

  • State Project #59-152: Drainage/Roadway Modifications at Route 146 | Guilford. Benesch provided design services associated with drainage and roadway improvements at 5 separate locations along approximate 2-mile stretch of Route 146.
  • State Project #148-190: Roadway/Signal Modifications along Route 5 at SR 702 & Toelles Road | Wallingford. Benesch provided design services for roadway and signal improvements at the intersections of Route 5 at Route 702 EB & Toelles Road and Route 5 at Route 702 WB in Wallingford to improve safety and reduce the frequency of accidents.
  • State Project #173-H137: Upgrade of Guide Rail in District 3. Benesch designed complete construction documents for district-wide guide rail and roadway safety improvements.
  • State Project #32-130: Access Management of Route 31 | Coventry. Benesch provided design services, in cooperation with the CTDOT Highway Design Unit, for the development of a pedestrian and vehicular Access Management Study associated with the proposed realignment of Route 31 in Coventry. This work was undertaken to improve the safety of Route 31.
  • State Project #142-146: Roadway/Signal Modifications on Route 195 at I-84 Exit 68 EB Off Ramp | Tolland.
  • State Project No. 170-1895 (Preliminary Engineering) & State Project #172-331 (Construction): Upgrade of Guide Rail in District 2.
  • State Project #093-153: Roadway/signal modifications along Route 175 at Route 173 (Willard Avenue) and Mill Street | Newington.

Project highlights

  • Drainage roadway modification
  • Roadway/signal modifications to improve intersection safety
  • Guide rail upgrades