Portrait Homes

Covington at Providence

Charlotte, NC

Covington at Providence is a very successful townhome development in Charlotte, NC. The property was developed with considerable neighborhood input and significant site constraints, as well as significant restrictions imposed during rezoning. The 46-acre parcel contained a two acre historic site, nearly two acres of wetlands, over four acres of buffers and set backs, and a significant requirement for common open space. The resulting plan exceeded all of those requirements and expectations; high quality open spaces were provided, the historic structures were retained in their environment and the project has proven exceptionally successful. The 262 townhomes are designed in both traditional and neo-traditional settings with a combination of public and private streets and alleys. Connectivity is provided to adjoining streets and neighborhoods in five separate locations, four of which are in active use. Significant roadway improvements were made to McKee Road and Tilley Morris Road, including the intersection of those roads and signalization of this intersection.

Project highlights

  • Site designed and developed around historic two acre site
  • Site designed to minimize impacts to wetlands
  • Roadway improvements