Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

DWSD Pumping Unit Replacements

Detroit, MI

Benesch assisted the DWSD with the design of new high and low lift pumps, as well as motors and valves, including all required structural modifications. Benesch was responsible for the heating, ventilating, A/C and plumbing mechanical design; new electrical service entrance switchgear and pump starter design; and structural design.

The design also included replacement of the steam heating piping and condensate returns, ventilation and A/C in the high and low lift buildings; incoming 4.8 KV electrical switchgear; pump drives; electrical power cables; duct banks; structural verification of equipment slabs to handle new pump, motor and transformer loads; and the complete structural redesign of the steel beam-supported floors in the low lift station to support new pump motors and shafts.

Because of the implemented changes, DWSD’s facilities are now equipped to handle the anticipated rising demand.


Project highlights

  • Design of new pumps, motors, valves for pump stations
  • Anticipate rising demand at pump stations through design