Florida Department of Transportation

FDOT D2 Districtwide Traffic Engineering Studies

Various locations, FL

Benesch served as the prime consultant for this Districtwide contract to provide safety and operational studies for FDOT District 2.

Benesch performed over 24 PRSAs throughout District 2, with a focus on pedestrian crashes and observations related to pedestrian features and interactions versus the typical Road Safety Audit (RSA). Benesch also developed a database of all recommendations, by corridor, for use by FDOT Maintenance personnel.

Another task focused on Hazardous Walking Conditions for routes to school, in support of 1006.23 F.S. (Gabby’s Law). Based on field review and documentation of conditions, as well as pedestrian and bike crash data by age, a report was developed for each intersection or route to identify if the route met the criteria as a hazardous walking location. Where indicated, corrective actions were identified along with constraints to implementation. The FDOT Work Program was also reviewed for planned projects that may eliminate any hazardous walking conditions.

Project highlights

  • Pedestrian Road Safety Audits (PRSAs)
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (RRR) Safety Reviews
  • Crash Analysis
  • No Passing Zone Studies
  • Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Operational Analysis for Intersections, Arterials and Networks
  • Mid Block Crossing Studies
  • Pedestrian Safety Studies
  • Traffic Counts