Hegins-Hubley Authority

Hegins-Hubley Waterline

Valley View, PA

Hegins-Hubley Authority (HHA) Water Improvements project consisted of installation of approx. 16,000 linear feet of new eight-to-12-inch ductile iron water pipe, development of a new water supply well, painting of the interior and exterior of a water storage tank and installation of a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System to monitor the tank and well levels and operations.

The waterline improvement project also ensured that HHA can continue to supply its customers with safe, potable water. The new waterline eliminated dead ends on Broad and Gap Streets. Looping the system has eliminated foul-tasting water and provided HHA the capability of flushing the system to improve the overall water quality.

Additionally, new fire hydrants were installed throughout the project area. Fire hydrants were also placed at Tri-Valley High School and at the Hubley Elementary School, as requested by Emergency Management Agency of the Hegins Area. The additional hydrants enhance the firefighting capabilities at each school.

The project received funding from PENNVEST.

Project highlights

  • New waterlines to improve water quality
  • Installation of a SCADA¬† system to monitor water levels and operations
  • Installation of new fire hydrants