City of Kearney

Kearney Regional Airport Terminal Parking & Access Road

Kearney, NE

Several parking lot and access road layout options were developed for this project to allow airport users continual access to the terminal building and vehicle parking adjacent to the terminal building, and overhead lighting design to enhance nighttime safety for airport users. The access road was ultimately designed to create a looped drop-off road system around the perimeter with automobile parking throughout the inside of the looped access road. The design layout accommodates garbage truck and fire truck turning movements but was mainly focused on creating an easy-to-navigate road/parking lot system for Kearney Regional Airport visitors.

The Terminal Parking Lot Rehabilitation project consisted of the removal of all existing access road and parking lot pavements and reworking the top foot of existing subgrade soils. The project presented several challenges that included working around existing, shallow utilities that serve the terminal building. During construction, these utilities needed to remain operational to not disrupt business and security features of the terminal building.

New parking lot infrastructure created over 130 new parking stalls which are currently utilized by passengers, car rental services and airport staff. The parking lot was designed to accommodate a future expansion when user demands warrant additional capacity.

Project highlights

  • Landside Services for the airport
  • Public accommodation during design and construction
  • Built with consideration for future expansion