Aiken County

Langley Pond Park

Aiken, SC

Langley Pond, located in Aiken, South Carolina, is considered the largest “pond” in the United Sates. With its tree-lined banks and long, narrow water body, it provides a perfect venue for water events. With a rich tradition in rowing dating back to the late 1800s, the CSRA has long been known for hosting some of the top rowing events in the United States. Langley Pond has played a key role in that history.

Aiken County aimed to develop Langley Pond into a destination venue for a variety of water sporting events such as scholastic, collegiate and masters level rowing. Although presently used for rowing competitions, the County is committed to develop a world-class destination venue
that will attract major rowing events in combination with other water sporting events.

Benesch developed a master plan of all facilities and prepared construction and bid documents for the Phase I elements, including the Finish Line Tower and spectator seating.

Project highlights

  • Develop a linear park along the existing pond
  • Accommodate significant topographical change
  • Provide access to all proposed park elements
  • Mitigate environmental impacts
  • Create international rowing venue
  • Address environmental factors
  • Develop family-oriented park