Lincoln Airport Authority

Lincoln Airport General Aviation History

Lincoln, NE

Over the past several decades, Benesch has been responsible for design, bidding, construction observation and material testing services on numerous projects at the Lincoln Airport near and around the General Aviation ramp, General Aviation hangar areas and General Aviation Runway 17/35.

Some significant projects completed by Benesch over the last several decades include:

  • Taxiway ‘A’ Rehab in 2020
  • GA Parking Lots Construction in 2019/2020
  • Site civil work for Hausmann Hangar in 2019
  • Installation of ODALS Equipment on RW 35 in 2019
  • Runway 17/35 Rehab in 2019
  • Lifestyles Resort box hangar in 2014
  • Site civil work for Duncan Maintenance Hangar in 2012
  • Site civil work for Duncan T-Hangar relocation in 2012
  • Site civil work for Duncan Paint Hangar in 2011
  • Parking Lot Improvement Near Duncan Aviation in 2002, 2007 & 2010
  • RW 35 Threshold Relocation, TW A Reconfiguration, Terminal Service Road Relocation & SPHPS in 2009
  • Miscellaneous Storm Sewer Improvements in 2008
  • Security Fence Improvements in 2008
  • Runway 17/35 Sealcoat in 2005
  • Safety Improvements in 2005
  • Installation of ODALS on Runway 35 in 2004
  • One six-place and Two 4-place Hangars in 2002

Each of these Benesch projects involved the coordination of various General Aviation aspects at the Lincoln Airport. This included air traffic, motor vehicle traffic on the east side of the airport (near Duncan, North Park Road) and coordination with existing Hangar/Business tenants. Through these projects, Benesch has a good understanding of the needs and constraints of completing projects on General Aviation areas of non-hub primary airports.

Project highlights

  • FAA and Local Funding
  • Coordination of General Aviation Aspects