City of Concord

Malcom Caldwell Park

Concord, NC

Malcom Caldwell Park is an existing 28-acre park located in a transitioning neighborhood in the southeast part of the City of Concord. Built in the 1980’s and updated in 2001, the City sought to re-master plan the park to address the changing recreation trends and demographics and create a more inviting gateway for the neighborhood.

The City’s intent is to develop a new vision for the park and establish a budget for park renovations with the understanding that park construction will be phased in over the next three years. The park will also serve as a trail head for the first segment of the Irish Buffalo Creek Greenway for the City.

Benesch developed the concept and master plan, budget estimates as well as the inventory and assessment. In order to best accommodate and meet the needs of the City, Benesch conducted a community workshop and was able to gather input on recreation needs and proposed facilities. As a result, the desired amenities include a splash pad, inclusive playgrounds and multi-sport courts.

Project highlights

  • Provides new “walk-to” amenities for residents living within a half-mile radius
  • Site restraints require new structures and facilities to be located out of the existing floodplain
  • Featured neighborhood connectivity
  • Trail head of the Irish Buffalo Creek Greenway in Concord, NC.