City of Franklin

McEwen Drive at Wilson Pike Intersection

Franklin, TN

Benesch redesigned the intersection of McEwen Drive at Wilson Pike to improve its level of service, improve turning radii for school bus traffic, widen the bridge over CSX railroad to provide a left turn lane, and develop interim and future concepts to accommodate the City’s wishes to expand its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and pedestrian access through this corridor.

A traffic impact study was completed for Williamson County Schools assessing local traffic impacts and access issues associated with the completion of a new elementary school for the Breezeway Elementary School site. The study found that this intersection’s level of service needed immediate improvement to accommodate school bus traffic and future housing development in the surrounding area.

The project included survey and design of 1,600 feet of roadway, guardrail and safety appurtenances, structural bridge design, utility and railroad coordination, traffic signal design and construction engineering and inspection.

The project also included the widening of a simple span bridge from 28′-0″ to 84′-2″, coordination with CSX on gaining a right-of-entry to the railroad right-of-way for survey work, and bridge plan submittals to CSX for preliminary grade approval and final plans review.

Project highlights

  • Coordination with CSX during bridge design and for utility crossing permit
  • Intersection improvements
  • Bridge widening
  • Utility coordination
  • CSX construction premit application and execution