Tennessee Department of Transportation

Sligo Bridge Erection

DeKalb County, TN

Sligo Bridge is a vital crossing, carrying SR 26 over the Caney Fork River at Center Hill Lake. The expansive bridge was aging and in order to safely erect the replacement structure, Benesch performed a finite element analysis.

The Bridge crosses over 70-foot waters and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) wanted to ensure that safety was a top priority. By creating a model that allowed a test run of the erection process, all potential complications were identified and addressed before the process actually began.

The finite element analysis informed the contractor and TDOT of what could be expected during erection. This foresight ensured that the new Sligo Bridge was constructed as safely as possible.

Project highlights

  • Utilized 3D modeling to analyze stages of erection
  • Gained incremental insight of system behaviors
  • Five-span, 1,545-foot welded plate girder structure
  • Identified any potential complications in the erection process