City of Springfield, MA

Springfield Flood Control System Improvement Design & Inspection

Springfield, MA

Located along the Connecticut River, Springfield’s Flood Control System protects the City’s downtown business and entertainment areas. Originally constructed in the 1930s, the system was designed to protect against the record flood levels associated with the historic March 1936 Flood. The system also provides protection from the Mill River, located in the City’s South End.

Benesch provided survey, design and full-time construction engineering and inspection services. All services were associated with Army Corps of Engineers- and FEMA-mandated improvements to the system. Benesch’s designs for repairs to the Flood Control System were comprised of the removal of vegetation. This consisted of approximately 4,000 linear feet of earthen dikes, structural repairs to 13,000 linear feet of concrete flood walls and repairs to the 1,700-foot-long Mill River conduit system.

Current Flood Protection System activities consist of quarterly visual inspections of the Flood Wall Systems. As well as an inspection of the Mill River Conduit and appurtenant structures. In addition to an inspection of the Dike Toe Drainage System and monitoring of a Toe Drain failure. An inspection of Levee Pipe penetrations is also being conducted. Written reports outline the results of our investigations and also define and prioritize recommended repairs.

Project highlights

  • Design & Repair Flood Control System
  • Met USACE & FEMA Standards
  • Construction Engineering & Inspection
  • Perform Annual Inspection Services
  • Prepare Report
  • Provide Client Support with USACE