Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

SR 94 and SR 394 Roundabout

Hampton, PA

A PennDOT District 8-0 traffic audit determined the intersection of SR 94 and SR 394 was in need of safety improvements. The extremely wide intersection, lack of delineation and poor vertical alignment resulted in an unsafe intersection. Benesch investigated options that would result in reducing accident occurrences and severity as well as increasing operational efficiency. Three options to improve the intersection were presented to the township supervisors for consideration. Two of options were a variation of a traffic signal and the third, which was chosen, was the roundabout.

Improvements to the intersection resulted in the design of a single lane roundabout within the village square – it replaced an old traffic circle that was removed in the 1960s. Benesch was responsible for the evaluation and design of the project. The design process was performed in a collaborative style. Benesch collected and analyzed feedback from PennDOT, Reading Township, Adams County and the local residents. Ultimately, the design and installation of the roundabout allows the intersection to function safely and efficiently.

Project highlights

  • Collaboration through public outreach
  • Engineering traffic calming measures
  • Alternate intersection evaluation and design