Colorado Department of Transportation

Off-System Bridge Inspections

Statewide, CO

Benesch has provided Off-System Bridge Inspections for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in the central, northern and southern areas of Colorado for over 40 years. Benesch inspects 750 to 1,000 structures annually and has completed over 32,000 inspections of off-system structures to date. Structural inspections include a wide range of structure types, including steel and concrete bridges and culverts.

Benesch’s inspection team provides consistency and a wealth of working knowledge through our 33 NBI-certified professional engineer program managers, team leaders and inspectors, regularly performing load ratings for many different structure types, including steel and concrete bridges and culverts. The comprehensive bridge inspections cover bridges from top to bottom, from the footing and substructure to the superstructure and deck.

In addition, our paperless inspection process includes data collection, storage and accessibility with built-in federal and state data validation checks, automated email alerts, progress tracking, priority repair and replacement tables, tailored inspection forms and GIS-enabled graphical interfaces.

Project highlights

  • Decades of inspection experience
  • Paperless process