Wisconsin Department of Transportation

STH 39

Hollandale, WI

The substandard roadway profiles and poor drainage conditions on STH 39 were creating unsafe driving conditions. WisDOT wanted these conditions improved for the safety of the motoring public and adjacent land owners.

This project encompasses 13 miles of major roadway reconditioning. The entire corridor was redesigned with widened roadway lanes, shoulders, and a new closed drainage system. All intersections were brought up to current WisDOT standards. Benesch prepared plans, estimates, specifications and coordinated the efforts of subconsultants for environmental and geotechnical investigations. Improvements to driveway access for property owners, right-of-way plats and short retaining walls were also required.

An alternative analysis was also conducted as a part of this project, resulting in the realignment of 40% of the overall length. The Village of Hollandale segment was redesigned to an urban cross section with new storm sewer and drainage outfall to help minimize right-of-way acquisition and improve the overall drainage system in the corridor.

Project highlights

  • Alternative analysis for geometry improvements
  • Vertical geometry made to improve sight distance
  • Expansion of closed drainage system
  • ROW acquisition and property impacts