City of Grand Island

Swift Road

Grand Island, NE

East Swift Road serves as the primary road to the Grand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant as well as the main access for trucks to enter the JB Swift beef processing and distribution center. Swift Road was to be relocated to connect to Talc Drive at Stuhr Road and then rerouted for connection back to the existing Swift Road. The project was to take place in conjunction with the design and construction of Talc Drive serving a new industrial development.

Benesch contracted with the City to provide a full range of services from traffic engineering and value planning to design.

Benesch initiated the project with evaluation of existing traffic counts and potential traffic shifts and an analysis of traffic capacity. Site-generated traffic was based on proposed land uses of adjacent vacant ground. Projected traffic volumes were also used to determine if traffic signals were warranted at any of the proposed roadway locations.

Benesch then implemented the Value Planning / Value Engineering (VP/VE) process to evaluate proposed Swift Road solutions based on performance, acceptance and cost. The overall goal was to identify the alternative which provided the greatest return on the City’s infrastructure investment. Once the preferred alternative was selected, Benesch designed a safe pedestrian crossing solution which connected the meat packing plant and its employee parking lot.

Project highlights

  • Value Planning / Value Engineering
  • Survey, Geotechnical, Environmental Services
  • Roadway Design, Intersection Geometrics
  • Hydraulic Analysis / Drainage Structure Design
  • Traffic Engineering