Legacy South

The Wanderer East

Nashville, TN

The Wanderer East is a new development located on the corner of Lischey Avenue and Douglas Avenue. It consists of a three-story mixed-use building, with an approximate building footprint of 20,000 square feet, containing commercial retail on the ground floor and 16 residential units on the second and third floors.

A new site layout plan, grading and drainage, and utility plans for the building and associated parking lot was required to accomplish this economically transformative project. Located within the limits of Nashville Metro, the site required Low Impact Development (LID) facility design associated with stormwater management requirements, which consisted of a combination of permeable pavement and a bio-retention pond.

Another unique aspect of the project was that the property in question had a zoning designation of a “Specific Plan.” To achieve approval for the project, Benesch coordinated with members of the Metro Planning Department. The Team’s successful efforts allowed the project to proceed towards construction.

Project highlights

  • Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater design
  • 13’ vertical grade change design
  • Unique pavers to achieve stormwater treatment