Union Pacific Railroad

UPRR Public Project Management

Various locations - USA

Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) selected Benesch for on-going Public Project Management Submittal Review and Construction Observation on public projects that impact UPRR infrastructure throughout their 23-state network.

The following services are provided on this contract:

  • Project Vetting – Benesch performs an initial intake of all public project requests on UPRR’s system and determines what projects UPRR is willing to progress. Benesch also coordinates project funding needs.
  • Project Management – Benesch acts as the liaison between the agency and UPRR.
  • Structures and Track/Civil Reviews – Benesch performs structural, track and civil reviews on public projects.
  • Construction Observation – Benesch performs on-site observation of construction activities to protect UPRR’s interest during construction.

Project highlights

  • Infrastructure management across 23 states
  • Project funding coordination
  • Structural, track and civil reviews
  • Construction observation