Town of Waxhaw

Waxhaw Parks & Recreation Strategic Master Plan

Waxhaw, NC

The Town of Waxhaw sought to update their Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan to accommodate the tremendous growth that had occurred since the previous 2012 Master Plan. The previous plan had recommended the formation of a formal parks and recreation department.

The new plan required extensive coordination with town stakeholders and the citizens of the Town through public workshops and a community-wide survey. This provided a clear understanding of the current desires of the citizens and enabled the development of a recreation needs analysis for the town.

Benesch led the development of the new strategic master plan which included inventory and assessment, recreation needs assessment, establishment of action plan items and implementation strategies. Based on the previously established community needs, Benesch was able to provide recommendations on facility developments, including land acquisition that occurred since the previous Master Plan.

Project highlights

  • Well-developed parks and recreation department that offers recreation opportunities not often found in smaller communities
  • Consistency with the high standard of community events and parks and recreation programming
  • Utilization of the 95 acres the Town currently controls and has already dedicated as future recreational open space