Wayne County Airport Authority

WCAA Comprehensive Water System Inventory

Wayne County, MI

The Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) maintenance division needed the ability to analyze the water system and perform a complete inventory of assets in order to be prepared to manage the system, in the event of a water system break or need for maintenance work.

Benesch performed a water audit and leak detection survey, a field verification of the water system and a hydraulic model of the water system.

During the leak survey, field data was collected for the hydrants, valves, fire and domestic pumps, facility fire suppression systems and more. Handheld GPS units were used to collect a majority of these features, as well as spatial locations and conditions of the assets. This data was used to update the WCAA’s existing GIS database and develop the model geometry.

A field program was also performed, where hydrant flows and pressures were collected. This provided information for calibrating and validating the model developed using EPANET.

Project highlights

  • Leak detection survey used to develop model geometry
  • Field program assessed hydrant flows and pressures
  • GIS database updates