Scholarship Winners Announced for Summer 2019 Interns

Five Benesch interns are heading back to school with extra cash this fall. To inspire and support the next generation of engineers as they work to achieve their academic and professional goals, Benesch awards a total of $3,000 in scholarships at the end of each internship program season.

Benesch scholarships are awarded to one intern within each of the firm’s four geographical regions, in addition to one overall recipient.

This year’s overall award was presented to Jim Milligan from Michigan State University. The Great Lakes Regional Award went to Mark Cerabona from the University of Illinois, the Great Plains Regional Award to Teona Jerman from Iowa State University, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Award to Maura Bentz from Pennsylvania State University, and the Southeast Regional Award to Korbin Hinson from the University of Tennessee.

Scholarship winners are selected based on the progression of their engineering knowledge over the course of the summer, as well as their ability to work on project teams and understand the business aspects of engineering that go hand-in-hand with delivering a successful project.

Intern Stats in 2019

This summer Benesch welcomed a record 51 interns to our growing internship program. Covering more than two thirds of our offices nation-wide, our interns pursued a wide range of professional interests.

Benesch had 51 interns across 19 offices from 27 universities. $3,000 in scholarships were awarded and 8 full-time job offers were made. 22 interns worked in our Great Lakes Region. 14 in the Great Plains, 11 in Mid-Atlantic and 4 in the Southeast. Interns worked in administration, geotechnical, environmental, civil, structural and construction fields.

Real Projects, Real Experience

Benesch’s intern program provides a unique hands-on experience for aspiring engineers and designers in a variety of AEC disciplines. Based on their discipline and area of interest, each intern has an opportunity to contribute to active Benesch projects. They work directly with our engineers who answer questions and provide guidance when necessary, and experience client interactions up close.

Jim Milligan was a structural intern in our Chicago office. Over the summer, he worked on the Jackson Park Mobility Improvements project, which will improve access and mobility at the forthcoming Obama Presidential Center on the south side of Chicago.

“I enjoyed bridging the gap between the technical skills I learned at school with the tools required to be a capable employee. The hands-on experience during my internship was extremely valuable to my progression from a student to an employee,” Milligan said.

“The challenge of grappling between multiple dynamic elements of a large-scale project was very beneficial for a young engineer like me. As I encountered different types of problems, I learned how to improve my work habits to make the whole process smoother,” Milligan said. “This back and forth on a large-scale project was one of the more valuable experiences I have had during an internship.”

In our Kansas City office, Teona Jerman was exposed to a variety of projects and tasks as a civil intern. She had the opportunity to interact with clients and get out in the field to see the progress of the projects she was involved in first-hand.

“It’s beneficial to see project sites to understand how the project looks like in the real world and not just on paper,” Jerman said.

While her time at Benesch expanded on the technical side of the profession, Jerman was also exposed to  the business side of projects, such as client interactions and how to work alongside colleagues to get the job done.

“It’s amazing to be surrounded by a supportive team that I can go to with questions and bounce ideas off each other. My time at Benesch has been monumental to my growth and development in my future career path,” Jerman said.

Part of the Team – In the Office, and Out

Benesch provides a wholistic intern experience, from the opportunity to work side-by-side with our engineers on projects for our clients to participating in company sponsored social events and activities.

Outside of their engineering work, interns across the company were integrated into their respective offices just like a full-time employee, taking part in community engagement events, social activities and other company-sponsored events. Some interns joined their office summer sports leagues or assisted in planning Corporate Social Responsibility events.

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