Brian Cannella, PLA

North Carolina Division Manager, Charlotte

“I like to think my work as a landscape architect helps bring pride to communities - it is really rewarding.”

What type of work is most meaningful to you?

McClintock Middle School

Charlotte, NC
FWA Group

“Being a part of an opening day ceremony for a new school and seeing the children's faces is a great experience.”

How Benesch has Impacted Brian's Leadership Development

Pursuing a management track has been important to Brian, and at Benesch he’s been able to hone those skills. He is a member of the company’s Emerging Leaders Program – a series of workshops dedicated to various management and leadership techniques.

What Makes You Proud to Work at Benesch?

About Brian Cannella

Ribbon-cutting day is Brian’s favorite. As a landscape architect, his portfolio of work has primarily been focused on schools – projects he finds great joy in working on. He has had the opportunity several times over to serve on project teams charged with transforming old schools into new ones. Sharing his talent to improve communities fulfills him personally and professionally. He likes to think his work plays a role in bringing pride to communities. We do too.