Eric Tucker, PE

Project Manager, Detroit

“I like being someone that communities rely on to solve their water-related problems. I'm a problem-solver at heart!”

Which Benesch project has been most meaningful to you?

Inkster Water Services Program

Inkster, MI
City of Inkster

“Performing water audits and leak detection services helps communities save money and repair potentially hazardous situations in a timely manner”

Eric's Unique Take on Benesch's Culture

Eric came to Benesch as a part of a merger. Naturally, he had some questions about what it would be like to suddenly be a part of a new company. Listen here to what Eric has to say about his new home at Benesch.

Benesch's Impact on Eric's Professional Growth

About Eric Tucker

When it comes down to it, Eric considers himself a problem solver for communities experiencing water related issues. He engineers solutions to a variety of water infrastructure issues including sewer collapse, flooded basements, FEMA emergencies – you name it. He is someone that several Public Works Directors have on speed dial, to call upon when needed.

You’ll never see the majority of his work since it is found under the roadway, but that doesn’t keep him from loving his job and finding great joy in help communities save money and better utilize capital improvement funds.