Leverage Your Expertise

When you bring your expertise to Benesch, you’ll be equipped with the resources to take on challenging projects, develop innovative solutions and improve America’s infrastructure. Most importantly, your hard-earned knowledge and experience will be valued and respected.

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Embracing Your Goals

Serving a broad range of markets, we create spaces, provide connections and improve infrastructure to enhance mobility, sustainability and safety in communities nationwide. This is all made possible by the talented and diverse team of experienced professionals we employ.

We understand that each individual has their own goals, expertise and career path. At Benesch, we are determined to provide the support and resources you need to find professional fulfillment.

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Experience Counts

Bringing your expertise to Benesch has its perks! Starting a new job doesn’t mean you should start over when it comes to benefits. That’s why your allotted paid time off will be adjusted to reflect the number of years you’ve been in the industry.

Benesch also boasts industry-leading retirement and profit-sharing options that will set you up for financial success later in life. We offer a variety of ways to invest your funds, access valuable retirement planning tools, and work with expert financial advisors along the way.

The perks don’t stop there! Our robust suite of learning and development programs enable you to take your skills to the next level. Whether you want to explore innovative technologies or hone your management skills, Benesch will support your goals.

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The Grow Exec program within Benesch University gave me the opportunity to learn from current leaders. It helped me to see things from their perspective and hear what they felt was important to learn to take my career to the next level.

Laura Fisher, Roadway Group Manager Learn about Benesch University

Step Up to the Challenge

When you join Benesch, you’ll work with employees from across the country to develop innovative solutions that transform communities.

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Make an Impact–at Benesch and Beyond

Our employees’ passion for their work goes beyond the workplace. They are active members of professional organizations, they volunteer their time and expertise to charitable causes, and they lead programs that will inspire the next generation of industry professionals.

These efforts are not only encouraged by Benesch but are also often supported financially. This enables our employees to pursue volunteer work that they care about and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

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Fair, Transparent & Respectful Leadership

When you join Benesch, you can be confident that our leadership team is dedicated to the success of both the company and its employees. Consistent, honest communication is the norm, and all employee feedback is taken to heart.

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