Quality-Driven Deliverables

Serving as the foundation upon which an entire project is built, the design needs to be thorough and meticulous. Our integrated approach ensures that all aspects of a project, from structural components to utility systems, are carefully considered and optimized to meet your goals safely and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on being large enough to handle the most challenging projects while maintaining the nimbleness required to stay responsive and deliver exceptional service. Whether you’re embarking on a complex urban development initiative or a small municipal project, we have the expertise and experience to deliver concepts and final designs that transform infrastructure systems and communities for the better.

Infrastructure that Supports Your Needs

Our multidisciplinary experts are equipped to design resilient infrastructure that supports community growth and development. Acting as an extension of your team, we can partner with you to improve nearly every aspect of your community.

With experts in roadways, bridges, railroads and aviation, we’re able to create functional, safe and efficient transportation infrastructure that meets the unique demands of each project.

Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, we work to design assets that last. Our focus on durability, functionality and sustainability coupled with our constructability expertise results in designs that can be built efficiently and that will last for generations.

Designing successful community spaces requires the ability to combine technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of what the public needs out of the space.

Our teams are made up of permitting, zoning and land use experts that have a deep understanding of how the natural and built environment work together to enhance a community. This fully integrated civil expertise means we can work through both common and unique challenges—from connecting your development to existing infrastructure to navigating complex environmental regulations.

Well-designed water and utility systems are critical for the long-term health, prosperity and sustainability of every community. Designing these systems is a complex process that involves careful planning, analysis, and consideration of various factors to ensure the efficient, reliable, and sustainable delivery of essential services.

Our experts are well versed in the intricacies of potable water, storm water, wastewater and other utility system design. With advanced modeling capabilities, our experts are able to accurately determine the best design for your system based on data specific to your area. This results in systems that will serve your community today and tomorrow.

Value methodology

Focused on Value

At Benesch, Value Methodology is more than just a method—it’s a mindset. By weaving VM into our project work, we’re able to identify innovative, value-focused solutions for our clients. Our experts specialize in using VM techniques to turn challenges into opportunities that create immediate and long-term benefits. We work as efficiently as possible, leverage innovation when it makes sense and deliver a final product that users can depend on for decades to come.

From value analysis, planning and engineering to cost management and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, we use a wide range of techniques to help you save money, plan for unknowns, sharpen project schedules and develop innovative ways to manage long-term maintenance costs.

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Cutting Edge Tools & Technology

Our investment in the latest technologies allows us to help you visualize your project at every stage. Our staff have experience with a myriad of visualization programs, including OpenRoads3D, AutoCAD 3D, Autodesk Civil 3D, SketchUp, Lumion and 3D Viz.

3D rendering of new outdoor mall
Photo of Throop Street Bridge rendering at Lincoln Yards in Chicago, Illinois
3D rendering of affordable housing development
screenshot from a 3D video of a new four lane divided highway, showing traffic passing in all lanes
3D rendering of a new sports complex with two baseball diamonds and an adjacent parking lot
still capture of a 3D model of a new railyard
3D rendering of new school site plan

Committed to Quality

For every project, starting on day one, we implement an in-house quality management program that is thoughtfully designed to optimize the QA/QC process. By identifying the ideal times throughout a project to perform quality checks and the correct technical staff to conduct them, we are able to identify those critical elements on a project that could result in incorrect conclusions, inconsistent design, missed quantities, etc.

A key part of our program is confirming data entered into our computer models is accurate. This critical step sets us up for continued success as the project advances. Output from our models is then reviewed by senior staff to make sure that the results make sense and the output is correct.

Mindful of Communities

Photo of Benesch' employees conducting a public outreach event

Engaging with the Public

The work we do is centered around having positive impacts on the communities we serve. By developing comprehensive public involvement plans and engaging with stakeholders, we’re able to design projects that meet their needs and exceed expectations.

Photo of an accessible parking lot

Creating Access for All

Creating and maintaining accessibility is not only a legal requirement, but it is also vital to ensuring your community remains inclusive, diverse and safe. We specialize in helping clients develop solutions for ADA compliant facilities, infrastructure and equipment.

Photo of a family bike riding at Irish Buffalo Creek Greenway in North Carolina

Prioritizing Safety

No matter the project, safety is at the core of our design. We continually work to identify and address any safety concerns or challenges that arise. We are committed to designing projects that keep your community safe and improve the quality of life for the public.

Photo of sustainable environmental design

Sustainable and Resilient Designs

Our designers work to carefully balance the needs of the built and natural environment. We bring substantial local, regional and national environmental consulting experience and strategic insights to help you comply with all environmental regulations while meeting you project goals.

This work is backed by the use of digital technologies that enable our designers to collect, analyze and share data that can result in more resilient designs. By creating advanced models and visualizations, we can simulate the impacts of changing climates and potential weather events. We then use what we’ve learned to design infrastructure that will withstand the test of time.

Close-up aerial view of Lincoln South Beltway

Project Management that Delivers

When it comes to massive infrastructure projects, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. As a result, our project managers are prepared to be flexible–whether changes are requested right after kickoff or days before final design submittal.

Aerial view photo of Lincoln South Beltway in Nebraska

For Nebraska’s largest ever transportation project, the Lincoln South Beltway, Benesch’s highly skilled, nimble team of over 130 experts were able to turn on a dime to accommodate an expedited schedule.

A few months into the final design, the team received a request to further accelerate the schedule. Using a non-standard management approach, the project manager maintained an aggressive schedule without sacrificing the quality of the design. Benesch developed a proactive communication plan which empowered each technical lead to work directly with NDOT staff and address engineering-related matters as the project progressed.

The approach proved highly successful. With the help of a skilled contractor and some favorable weather, the Beltway was finished six months ahead of schedule.

The plans and specifications Benesch provided were unlike any other project we have constructed! Despite the size and complexity of the project, we found the plans to be very clear and accurate which allowed Hawkins to build Nebraska’s largest ever transportation project ahead of schedule!

Luke Ridder, Hawkins Project Manager, NDOT Lincoln South Beltway Project

Learn more about this $352-million project that provides a new east-west connection between US Highway 77 and Nebraska Highway 2.

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