image of Benesch managers attending an internal conference called Energize, which equips managers with tools to grow their teams and expand their skills as leaders at the company.

Learning & Development

We believe that investing in the learning and development of our employees not only enhances individual skill sets but also creates a workforce that is equipped to tackle complex challenges for our clients. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, mid-level associate or a recent graduate, there is no better place to develop your career than at Benesch.

Build Your Skills, Build a Career

When it comes to learning, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That’s why we let our employees decide how they want to grow their skills and advance their careers. From on-demand virtual trainings via a robust learning platform to hands-on skills building as part of a project team, you’ll experience limitless learning opportunities.

close-up image of GROW executive graduation day program, with program graduates blurred in the background

Opportunities to GROW

When you join Benesch, you are automatically enrolled in Benesch University – our in-house learning and development platform comprised of on-demand trainings, live sessions and professional development programs.

Benesch University’s GROW program supports employees at every stage of their careers. Designed with a focus on developing leaders, each level of the program–Level Up, GROW 1, GROW 2 and GROW Executive–provides the knowledge, tools and hands-on experience employees need to grow. Participants selected to join GROW 1, 2 and Executive attend live trainings from Benesch leaders, complete a curated curriculum of online courses and work together on team projects.

We’re dedicated to maintaining our legacy mindset, and Benesch University helps our employees to grow professionally, expand their networks and become our company’s leaders of tomorrow.

Joy Saddler Headshot

It was really cool to get feedback from Benesch’s leaders. It was great to learn from them and see they were genuinely interested in our professional growth.

Joy Saddler, Benesch University GROW 1 Graduate
Kelly Batcha Headshot

GROW 2 helped spark creativity in my daily approach to work and helped me put a more diverse perspective on my management style.

Kelly Batcha, Benesch University GROW 2 Graduate
Greg Stewart Headshot

The GROW Executive program provided high caliber coaching that exposed me to new perspectives and helped me improve my leadership skills.

Greg Stewart, PE, Benesch University GROW Executive Graduate

Keeping Up with the Latest Tech

Benesch is dedicated to helping our employees learn the skills they need to keep up with the evolving demands of our industry. When you join our team, you’ll have access to expert-led trainings and innovation-focused initiatives that push our employees and our company to stay ahead of the curve.

We are continually exploring opportunities to leverage emerging technology, such as 3D visualization, thermal drones, artificial intelligence and more. As a result, hundreds of employees across Benesch are learning new technical skills, pursuing advanced certifications and piloting new programs.

It’s important not only that we develop innovative technical solutions for our clients, but we must also share those great ideas with our teams companywide.

Through tech groups and showcases, mentorship and other trainings, we aim to inspire and equip our staff with the highest-value innovations our company has to offer so they in turn can bring them to our clients across the country.

Laura McGovern, PE, Chief Process and Innovation Officer


More Ways to Grow

Photo of a Tech Group meeting at Benesch

Tech & User Groups

Tech and User Groups bring together employees interested in learning skills related to specific services and technologies at Benesch.

Photo of a Learning Friday session at Benesch

Level-Up Fridays

Each month, you are invited to join virtual sessions dedicated to helping employees learn new skills–from Outlook tips and tricks to ways to manage stress.

image of Benesch employee watching an in-house training video about digital twins on his computer at his work station

A Robust Training Library

Our Benesch Learn platform gives you access to thousands of training videos and courses. It makes it easy to find the resources you need to grow your skills.

Close-up photo of Benesch employees mentoring one another

A Focus on Mentorship

Whether you are looking for a tenured professional to help you navigate the industry, or you’re looking to share a career’s worth of insight, Benesch’s mentorship program makes it easy.

We connect employees from across the company to form mentor/mentee relationships, while providing the training, structure and support needed to ensure mentors and mentees get the most from their relationship.

Photo of Benesch employee attending a professional development event

Supporting Your Goals

Benesch helps make your professional goals more attainable by providing financial support. We offer tuition reimbursement for continuing your education while working at Benesch, and we will fund your licensure and certifications, professional organization memberships and training.

Training Opportunities for Every Role, at Every Level

From day one as a Benesch employee, you’ll be encouraged to take full advantage of our training offerings. Whether you are an intern just learning the ropes or an experienced professional looking to master the latest industry tech, you’ll have access to the training you need to succeed.

When I started at Benesch as an intern, I was inspired by how leadership made it a priority to help employees learn and grow.

Now, I’m committed to ensuring every employee has the opportunity to benefit from our culture of knowledge sharing, mentoring and growth.

Julie Melidis, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director of Learning and Development

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