Potable Water

Safe, Reliable Water Systems

It takes careful planning to ensure that drinking water systems are safe and reliable. Benesch works with communities to identify solutions that deliver safe drinking water in a cost effective and sustainable manner. From the raw water source to the clean water out of your tap, Benesch can meet your potable water needs.

With extensive knowledge of water regulations, permitting requirements and effective funding strategies, Benesch staff can take your project from initial planning and feasibility studies through complete construction. For projects large and small, we have the knowledge, experience and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

Photo of vGIS augment reality model

Visualizing Your System

Benesch continually tests a variety of 3D modeling and augmented reality applications to uncover how we can successfully transform the way water projects are visualized. The technology has the potential to create a reliable database of real-time data related to state of the system that will fuel informed decision making about maintenance and repair needs.

Using these applications, we are able to overlay water, wastewater and storm water utilities to aid in evaluating utility corridors.


Proactive Infrastructure Maintenance

As infrastructure ages throughout the country, communities are faced with new water-related challenges. Benesch is committed to working with you to safeguard public health, protect the environment from potential contamination, and support the sustainable growth and development of communities.

Using the the application of sophisticated techniques like hydraulic modeling to comprehensively understand a water system’s dynamic, we are able to make accurate predictions of water demand, recommend efficient allocation of resources and inform decision-making for future expansions.

By preventing undercapacity or overcapacity scenarios, these services optimize resource utilization, ensure consistent service, and promote the seamless growth of communities while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Water audits and leak detection services are a pivotal part of optimizing water distribution systems. Our experts will work to systematically evaluate and improve the efficiency, sustainability, and responsible management of water resources by meticulously analyzing water consumption patterns, detecting areas of wastage and identifying inefficiencies. Using advanced technologies, we will pinpoint leaks, which, if left unchecked, could lead to substantial water loss and increased operational costs.

By swiftly addressing leaks and improving water usage practices, we help promote conservation, reduce resource strain, and enhance the overall sustainability of your water systems.

From small rural towns to large municipal systems, Benesch has experience with the planning, design and construction of drinking water treatment facilities. Benesch engineers specialize in both standard treatment methods, as well as new, cutting-edge technologies.

Our approach is effective in creating new facilities or enhancing the capacity and capabilities of your existing treatment facilities. Our sustainable design practices incorporate a lifecycle cost analysis approach to ensure your system is providing safe water well into the future.

Finished water storage tanks don’t just hold drinking water–they provide necessary capacity for fire protection, help maintain uniform system pressures and provide a reserve to minimize service interruptions. These critical elements of the water system must be designed properly to optimize the system distribution network. Careful consideration must also be given to the water quality in a storage system. Benesch has designed, overseen the construction and inspected water storage tanks of all different configurations and material types.

Dams and reservoirs can serve a number of different functions, but one of their main purposes is to maintain an area’s water supply. As with any asset, these facilities need proper design, maintenance and rehabilitation efforts to work effectively. Benesch has completed dozens of dam and reservoir projects, and we can help with most any challenge that can arise.

Benesch’s pipeline design experience includes many projects and hundreds of thousands of feet of new water mains. With a growing emphasis on water quality in the distribution system, Benesch engineers use hydraulic computer modeling to optimize system configuration and sizing to ensure safe drinking water delivery. Our toolbox includes trenchless technology, which is needed when existing conditions and site constraints do not allow for traditional replacement methods.

Proper design ensures good water quality, adequate pressures and peak demand capacity. Our sustainable design approach minimizes energy input into the system, providing safe water in a cost-effective manner.

Benesch works daily with clients to maintain compliance with NPDES discharge limits and other permitting requirements. We represent our clients in national and state consent decrees/consent orders and have a proven track record in assisting our clients through the arduous compliance process. Our results identify cost-effective solutions that meet the regulatory requirements.

Photo of a pump station at Lake Orion, Michigan

Comprehensive Infrastructure Services

From planning to design and construction, Benesch’s multidisciplinary team will address the infrastructure challenges posed by urbanization, population growth and environmental concerns. With extensive experience with pipelines, pumping stations, reservoirs, treatment and distribution facilities, just to name a few, we are prepared to offer full-service support on every project.

Conserving Water to Protect Your Community’s Future

With populations growing and water demands increasing, it is critical that systems alleviate stress on water sources and distribution networks integrating water conservation practices. By planning, designing and implementing efficient technologies, leak detection systems, and well-designed infrastructure, we help municipalities significantly reduce water wastage, minimize operational costs and promote equitable access to water resources.

Photo of Benesch's employees performing leak detection in Romulus, Michigan
Using advanced detection methods, our team conducted an extensive leak detection study covering 241 miles of watermain in Romulus, MI. The study resulted in the city going from roughly 6.0 MGD usage to 4.5 MGD, saving them an average of about 25% (dependent on the season and other factors).
Photo of Benesch employees working on upgrading a water distribution system in Mahony, Pennsylvania
By enlisting Benesch to upgrade the water distribution system throughout the service area, the Mahanoy Township Authority saw a reduction of approximately 100,000 GPD in their average daily demand as well as an increase of 200% of fire flow.
Photo of Coeur D'Alene Tribal School in Idaho

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water in Every Community

In line with the EPA, protecting America’s drinking water is one of our top priorities. With a deep understanding on primary and secondary drinking water regulations, Benesch is prepared to work with communities across the country and provide the technical assistance needed to keep water safe for every resident.

Photo of Benesch employee performing water system assessment and sampling

As a part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Water System Evaluation Project, our Environmental Services experts conduct water system assessments and sampling at 268 BIA and BIE facilities on Indian Reservations across the country.

By conducting water system assessments and testing the drinking water for contaminants such as lead, copper, arsenic and some of the ‘forever chemicals’ like Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), the team checks that safe drinking water is readily available to all federal facilities across tribal lands. They also collaborate with experts across the company to address any water system issues detected during their assessments.

Quality Focused Solutions

From repairs and replacements to source identification, Benesch’s quality-focused solutions work to ensure consistent delivery of pristine drinking water to your community.

Our team possesses a deep understanding of the complex task of identifying, assessing, and developing both surface water and groundwater sources for potable use. We work to create a diversified and resilient water supply that can meet the demands of growing populations and evolving environmental conditions.

We also recognize the environmental, fiscal and practical importance of preserving the longevity of water distribution systems and take a proactive, quality-focused approach to help ensure the sustained delivery of high-quality potable water.