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Benesch can skillfully navigate the complexities of the aviation industry. Bringing experience in commercial, regional and general aviation, our planning and engineering professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets all unite under a common goal – ensuring we find and execute the ideal solution for your project.

Whether it’s designing landslide facilities or developing airfield configurations that prioritize runway safety, our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. This ensures a seamless integration of our solutions into your existing infrastructure, resulting in improved efficiency and a superior airport experience for all stakeholders.

Solutions Designed with Your Operations in Mind

Starting with the initial stages of project planning and through to the final construction phase, we meticulously analyze and consider all aspects of your airport’s unique operations. Using this knowledge to tailor our approach allows us to create efficient and optimized solutions that enhance the overall functionality and safety of your airport infrastructure.

Aerial view of Kearny Regional Airport in Kearny, Nebraska
image of construction during annual runway repairs at Eppley Airport
From cutting-edge airport facility expansions to minor infrastructure upgrades, Benesch’s quality and value driven approach ensures we will deliver your project on time and within budget while complying with stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements. We are mindful that our designs and construction methods meet all standards and codes by staying up to date with the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), state, and local processes and requirements.
aerial view of lincoln airport
Strong relationships with local, state and national authorities governing airport activities allow us to navigate the complex regulatory landscape seamlessly and provide a streamlined approval process. Additionally, our knowledge of FAA funding programs–whether it be through a block grant state or non-block grant state–enables us to access available resources and maximize financial support for your projects.
Aerial view of Kearney Regional Airport parking lot in Kearny, Nebraska

From Landside…

Landside operations, including terminal, rental car and ride-share facilities, access roads, parking structures, and public transportation interfaces, are essential for creating a positive passenger experience and ensuring seamless connectivity.

Our services encompass the design of functional and aesthetically pleasing terminal buildings, optimized traffic circulation patterns, efficient parking solutions, and integrated public transportation systems that help airports enhance operational efficiency, maximize passenger convenience, and create a safe and sustainable landside environment.

Our commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures that our solutions align with the unique requirements and long-term goals of each airport, fostering seamless integration between landside and airside operations.

Aerial view of LaGrange Callaway Airport Runway 3-21 in Georgia

… to Airside

Our team provides specialized expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of airside facilities.

From runway and taxiway design to apron and parking layout planning, we integrate advanced technologies, rigorous analysis, and industry best practices to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that will serve your needs for years to come.

With an emphasis on safety and compliance with regulatory standards, our airside services ensure the seamless coordination of aircraft movements, ground operations and airside construction traffic, facilitating reliable and efficient airport operations.

Setting the Stage for Long-Term Operational Success

Photo side view of an airport hanger

Evaluate Operations

Our team will evaluate your airport operations and facilities to identify future needs and potential problems.

Zoom in photo of Benesch employees in a planning meeting

Fuel Informed Decision Making

We can help identify project goals and anticipate challenges, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Close-up view of meeting notes on glass

Analyze Costs

Our life-cycle-cost-analyses can yield cost-efficient alternatives that offer the best long-term solutions.

Aerial view of Lincoln Airport in Lincoln, Nebraska

Environmental Responsibility

NEPA plays a critical role in ensuring that projects are conducted in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. With decades of experience and environmental experts on staff, Benesch is able to conduct thorough Environmental Assessments (EA) that evaluate potential impacts, such as noise, air quality, wildlife habitat, and cultural resources.

This experience enables us to approach airport projects with a comprehensive understanding of environmental considerations, regulatory requirements and stakeholder engagement. This expertise not only ensures compliance but also contributes to our ability to deliver successful projects that balance environmental concerns with the functional and operational needs of your airport.

Aerial view of Lincoln Airport in Lincoln, Nebraska

Photo of crack detection utilizing drone technology

AI-Powered Pavement Maintenance

Leveraging a partnership with Bentley Systems, Benesch experts are revolutionizing how we utilize digital technologies to streamline crack detection processes on runway pavement.

A Digital Twin model is created via drone imagery and then fed through Pavement Crack Detector software to identify and analyze cracks. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the new technology improves efficiency and accuracy of data collection activities while reducing inspectors’ exposure to environmental hazards and interruptions to area traffic.

The AI/ML Driven Pavement Crack Detector workflow received Bentley’s Founders’ Honors as part their global 2023 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure.

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