Creating Reliable Roadways for Today and Tomorrow

Safe and efficient roadways are necessary for any thriving community. Planning, designing, constructing and managing roads that meet those goals requires in-depth knowledge and extensive experience—two things Benesch has no shortage of.

For every project, big or small, Benesch’s experts will work as an extension of your team to improve the safety and efficiency of your roadways in a way that is cost effective, sustainable and quality driven. Our planners and engineers are equipped with the latest technology and skills to ensure your roadways support the needs of the community.

aerial view of a new roundabout design rendered in 3D

Transforming Project Delivery with 3D Technology

To meet the traffic, multimodal and safety needs of modern communities, American roadways are changing, and the technology used to plan, design and construct it is changing too. 3D design and delivery, in particular, are transforming the way we visualize projects and move through the design and construction phases.

Our staff is committed to using industry technology in order to provide proper support to every client. Using Bentley Open Roads and Autodesk Civil 3D, we eliminate the need for 2D cut sheets, streamline the review process and save time by working in an environment built for discipline-specific reviews.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Community

Photo aerial view of a roundabout

Modern Solutions

Communities across the US are becoming increasingly drawn to the benefits of roundabouts. Our planners and designers are well prepared to help integrate this modern solution into your roadway network while enhancing the overall transportation experience.

Photo aerial view of SR60 Jackson Street complete streets in Tampa, Florida

Inclusive Roadways

Our team carefully considers the needs of each type of traveler, incorporating well-designed bike facilities, pedestrian walkways and safe crossings to create truly inclusive and accessible Complete Streets.

Photo aerial view of 24th Street Complete Streets in Omaha, Nebraska

Convenient Commutes

Your roadways play a critical role in connecting communities and supporting economic growth. By analyzing traffic patterns, engaging with the public and planning for growth, we can help reduce congestion, improve safety and optimize commutes.

Photo aerial view of Route 147 Complete Streets revitalization in Agawam, Massachusetts

Efficient Intersections

By optimizing signal design for smooth traffic flow and enhanced safety, our team creates intersections that minimize delays and congestion while optimizing safety for all users.

Photo of Fletcher Avenue improved pedestrian crossing in Tampa, Florida

Safe Streets

By developing a detailed understanding of their community’s traffic safety issues, we can uncover a set of actionable infrastructure and non-infrastructure strategies to improve pedestrian safety.

Photo of Loyola University's beautiful pedestrian-friendly environment in Illinois

Attractive Environments

To help boost local business revenue and attract new investments, we can incorporate landscaping, public art, and well-designed amenities that create attractive, pedestrian-friendly environments.

Photo of Benesch employees meeting in a conference room

Planning for Growth

As communities grow, so do the demands placed on their roadways. Our experts use a comprehensive approach to help you plan for the expansion of your existing network. We focus on the safety of current and future users while working to optimize traffic flow for growth.

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Photo of Benesch' ADA team performing a field review

Prioritizing Safety and Accessibility

With a focus on safety and accessibility, we strive to create roadways that instill confidence among users, facilitate safe travel, and pave the way for a more connected and thriving society for all community members.

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Your Trusted Partner for Major System Improvements

view of the I-90 corridor showing the Active Traffic Management system, which indicates what lanes are in service and provides live traffic updates
Using industry-leading technology and equipment, our experts are able to recommend optimal solutions. For the Jane Addams Tollway in Illinois this resulted in a Smart Corridor plan, consisting of 18 miles of Active Traffic Management (ATM) and lane control signs/DMS for every lane, a first-of-its-kind solution when at the time of its design.
aerial view of an interchange on the new US-31 connector in Michigan after construction was completed
With agile teams and exceptional communication, Benesch excels at Alternative Delivery methods. For the US-31/I-94 interchange and US-31 extension project in Michigan, a design-build approach was successfully used to deliver the $122.5 million investment that brought new freeway grade to the state.
aerial view of a new diverging diamond interchange
By implementing high-capacity interchange solutions, like Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDI), Benesch clients across the country are experiencing increased safety and improved traffic flow.
view of the new Lincoln South Beltway, showing two roundabouts as part of an interchange along the beltway
In Nebraska, Benesch worked with the DOT to design the Lincoln South Beltway, bringing 11 miles of new freeway to the area, with two system interchanges, three service interchanges, 23 bridges, 11 roundabouts, and 43 miles of existing roadway realignment throughout the corridor.
aerial view of SR 322, showing four lanes of traffic at an intersection
By providing preliminary engineering studies, environmental studies, final design and construction consultation, Benesch was able to transform SR 322 in Pennsylvania. The final design alternative included the introduction of two additional lanes south of the existing roadway, the utilization of a grassed median to control access to the corridor, and left turn lanes and adaptive traffic signal systems to increase the capacity of existing intersections.
Photo of a road resiliency existing conditions

Creating Resilient Roadways

As extreme weather events are occurring more often across the country, roads need to be designed with resiliency in mind. Benesch takes a proactive and holistic approach that considers multiple factors to ensure roads remain accessible and safe during and after major storm events.

From site and material selection to innovative engineering techniques and nature-based solutions, Benesch knows what it takes to keep your roads safe and accessible for years to come.

Photo of a road resiliency improvement diagram

Our experts in storm water management and flooding control are equipped to develop solutions that keep your roadways clear and safe during major storm events.

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Photo of Benesch employees gathering field data

Innovations in Pavement Maintenance

Benesch has performed pavement condition projects and enhanced asset management systems for agencies across the country. By developing management programs that couple the accurate collection of field data with the careful analysis of asset needs, we’re able to help stretch available dollars and resources to increase overall pavement life.

To accomplish this, we use a combination of innovative technology, including AI, and tried-and-true methods for collecting data in the field.