Flood Protection System

Town of East Hartford | East Hartford, CT
flood protecton

The Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency mandated improvements to the Town of East Hartford’s Flood Protection System due to poor conditions. Benesch provided design and full-time, on-site construction engineering and inspection services and oversaw these improvements.

Vegetation was removed from approximately 20,000 feet of earthen dike. Structural repairs were made to approximately 750 feet of concrete floodwall along the Connecticut and Hockanum Rivers. Various sections of “impervious blankets” along the Connecticut River were also improved. Repairs were also required at three pumping stations and appurtenant drainage structures and facilities to ensure the proper function of the pump stations.

Efforts included engineering design and landscape architectural services associated with the extension of the Main Street Sidewalk from the crest of the levee along the flood wall. A benefit cost analysis was prepared for flood protection system repairs. Benesch also performed construction engineering and inspection services and a GIS Wetland Mapping Conversion for the project.

Follow-up services entailed the design and construction administration of maintenance deficiency corrections for the Flood Protection System and the preparation of a Maintenance Deficiency Correction Plan.