Genesee & Wyoming Railroad

Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Bridge Inspections

Various locations

Benesch performed extensive steel bridge inspections and ratings for various bridge types across the G & W’s Northeast, Central and Coastal Regions. This multi-year contract requires extensive coordination to ensure all inspections of the nearly 800 bridges and 18 rail lines are completed as scheduled and ratings calculations are delivered on time. Bridge types include rolled beam, deck plate girder, through plate girder, truss spans, steel towers and movable spans.

Due to the lack of GWRSI’s existing bridge plans, Benesch provides detailed inspections and bridge drawings that are prepared for all spans being rated. Ratings take into consideration all steel elements and their associated modes of failure. All inspections and ratings are completed according to the Finite Element Analysis requirements. This project requires extensive coordination to ensure rail activity is not significantly impacted, all inspections are completed on as scheduled, and rating calculations are delivered to GWRSI on time.

Project highlights

  • Inspection and rating of 800 bridges on 18 different rail lines
  • Inspection and capacity rating summary reports
  • Rating analysis of all load-bearing steel members
  • Detailed rating drawings created based on detailed inspections
  • Extensive coordination for scheduled bridge inspections