Parks, Recreation, Pathways and Open Spaces Master Plan

City of Casselberry | Casselberry, FL
Photo of a stormwater pond walkway in a city park in Casselberry, FL

Benesch completed the Parks, Recreation, Pathways and Open Spaces Master Plan to guide the City of Casselberry in making decisions regarding its park facilities, programs and activities.

The plan analyzed existing conditions through GIS mapping, staff interviews, on-site visits and review of demographic/socioeconomic changes, development patterns, and level of service in the city, which formulated the basis of an overall needs assessment.

Community input was obtained through focus groups, stakeholder interviews, community-wide workshops and a community survey to further understand the overall visioning and needs of the community.

The plan concluded with an implementation plan that developed a framework to implement projects and operational needs for the next 20 years. Projects were separated into phases of short-term (1–5 years), mid-term (6–10 years) and long-term (11–20 years), a capital plan, an operational framework, and evaluation and monitoring.

This project required robust knowledge of land use, transportation and multimodal planning to incorporate parks, recreation, pathways and open space seamlessly into a comprehensive plan. Benesch developed a capital project plan by organizing projects into short-, mid-, and long-term categories for ease of implementation.

Benesch also developed a detailed demographic and community profile that describes where Casselberry began, what it is today and what it will be in the future.

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