Southern Connector Toll Road Annual Report

Connector 2000 Association | Greenville, SC
bridge inspection

The Connector 2000 Association selected Benesch to conduct a maintenance condition survey (inspection) of the roadway and bridges as part of the requirements under their Master Indenture. The condition survey performed by Benesch focused primarily on the condition of the pavement and bridges, but also included assessment of drainage, roadway slopes, signs, and traffic appurtenances along the project.

The Southern Connector Toll Road includes 43 bridge structures from the I-385/I-185 & I-85/I-185 Interchanges and all freeway bridges and overpasses along the I-185 corridor between I-385 and I-85. Benesch contacted the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Bridge Maintenance personnel in District 3 (Greenville, SC) to obtain copies of National Bridge Inspection Standards/ maintenance reports and reviewed them for major concerns. The team also reviewed copies of SCDOT’s pavement evaluations, including the Pavement Quality Index, the Pavement Serviceability Index and the Pavement Distress Index to support the survey.

Benesch’s condition assessment included observation of each bridge to look for components that may need maintenance or repair as necessary to maintain public safety. We also highlighted current deficiencies that may potentially result in a more costly repair if not addressed soon. Our primary interests were the structural conditions of the bridge deck, superstructure, substructure, joints, bearings and approach pavement condition. An overall pavement assessment was performed for all northbound and southbound segments of I-185 along the Southern Connector Toll Road.

Benesch also performed a nighttime visual assessment of the existing signs along the roadway to determine if the existing signs convey necessary information to travelers of the roadway. Signs that were visually deficient were photographed and documented in the report regarding the deficiency observed.

From severe undermining of slope protection to significant streambank erosion, Benesch evaluated and encountered a variety of conditions in the field, which were captured in the Annual Report. This project had a tight schedule, and the project team delivered the final report ahead of the schedule.

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