SR 202, Section FIX, Design/Build

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation | Chester, PA

This project involved the replacement of the SR 0202 Bridge over the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s single line of railroad tracks known as the West Chester Railroad – Santa Line. The existing bridge was a three-span, steel, multi-girder bridge. Due to the condition of the existing bridge, replacement was urgent. This project was originally designed and approved as a superstructure replacement. However, the scope changed to include the demolition of the existing bridge and the reconstruction of a new one.

The replacement structure is a single-span pre-stressed concrete bridge. The existing typical section of the structure consisted of four 12-foot lanes, two 8-foot right shoulders, and a 4-foot median width with metal guide rail. North of the structure, the 4-foot median continued to the Westtown Road Interchange. South of the structure, the median width varies from 4 feet to 20 feet. The horizontal and vertical alignment remained the same as existing.

The two existing concrete piers were demolished, as well as the two existing concrete stub abutments. Mechanically stabilized earth retaining (MSE) walls were constructed in lieu of piers. Two concrete stub abutments were constructed behind the MSE walls. The overall span length of the bridge was reduced due to the construction of the MSE walls. The constructed footprint of the new bridge was within the limits of the existing right-of-way.

To accommodate the two lanes of traffic in each direction during construction, the southbound side of the structure was widened six feet. The northbound side of the structure was widened one foot. The existing traffic was maintained during construction since there are no feasible alternative routes for the average daily traffic of over 50,000 vehicles.

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