Benesch Preemption Expert Played Key Role in ITE’s ‘2022 Best Project’

Awards, People | March 23, 2022


Photo of Benesch's employee Rick Campbell and his 2022 ITE Best Project Award

FORT WORTH, TX — A major effort led by one of Benesch’s top preemption experts has earned the 2022 Best Project Award by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). Rick Campbell served as one of six preemption specialists on an ITE committee to update and advance the organization’s recommended practice for Preemption of Traffic Signals Near Railroad Grade Crossings.

“This recommended practice serves as an important industry guide,” said Campbell. “Last updated in 2006, the revisions our committee developed now reflect significant advancements in engineering and technology and provide current, state-of-the-practice procedures and key considerations to transportation agencies nationwide.”

This is the third time Campbell has contributed to a major update to this recommended practice. You can access the new, updated version here.