Osage River Bridge

Union Pacific Railroad | Osage City, MO
railroad bridge

In an effort to expand rail capacity, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) sought to replace the Osage River Bridge located on Union Pacific Railroad’s (UPRR) Jefferson City Subdivision. The existing bridge was the only one-track section of railroad between St. Louis and Jefferson City. As part of an effort to make the entire line double-track, the UPRR needed to replace the Osage River Bridge and selected Benesch to lead construction management.

In addition to survey, schedule, and safety/traffic reviews, Benesch played an integral part in analyzing the existing environmental conditions of the surrounding rock and soil to ensure suitable caisson and embankment construction. The project also entailed ARRA reporting, geotechnical services, materials documentation and quality management plan support.

Extensive coordination efforts were also utilized to work closely with UPRR and MoDOT, keeping all parties informed of work progress and project management, including pay estimates, cash flow and verifying the contractor’s pay estimates.