M-231 over the Grand River

Michigan Department of Transportation | Grand Haven, MI

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) needed to relieve the significant congestion and traffic capacity issues of the existing draw bridge crossing over the Grand River and adjacent wetlands.

Benesch provided inspection services for the construction of this new 3,708-foot-long and much-needed second bridge crossing, as well as 1.2 miles of new concrete roadway with wetlands adjacent to the project site. The primary focus of work involved the installation of deep cofferdamns, foundation pile driving inspection and the placement of substructure concrete. The pile inspection was performed using 4.5 million pounds of epoxy-coated reinforcement combined in the substructure and superstructure units.

Benesch was also responsible for several of the pier foundations, crash walls, columns and pier caps. Over 12,000 cubic yards of substructure were placed, with portions requiring thermal management due to the size and internal temperatures. The project also included drainage upgrades and the construction of retaining walls and stormwater detention basins.

It was decided mid-project to add a 14-foot-wide, multi-use lane, requiring extensive redesign and field adjustments. The project provided much-needed relief to the draw bridge and a second crossing for the US-31 corridor.

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