Pedestrian & Light Rail Bridge Inspections

Denver Regional Transportation District | Denver, CO
light rail bridge inspections

Benesch has inspected every Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) bridge since the Transit Authority’s Light Rail corridors were established in 1995, including pedestrian, light rail and freight rail bridge inspections.

The pedestrian bridges were built to access the light rail stations with parking facilities and carry pedestrians over several urban interstate highways. Benesch performs inspections of the pedestrian bridges, and some are further analyzed to determine if the different elements are carrying the pedestrian loads as originally designed. These are very flexible structures, and many structural elements need to be ‘tuned’ occasionally.

Other bridges that are inspected carry pedestrian and light rail trains over freight rail tracks, drainages and other urban streets, including the new I-225 light rail corridor located on the east side of Denver and traversing through Aurora, Colorado.

The inspection of transit bridges is a combination of railroad bridge and highway bridge inspection procedures. Benesch uses bucket trucks for access along with heavy highway traffic control. All inspection managers are E-railSAFE certified with current track safety certifications for railroads and light rail companies.