Highway 12 Emergency Repairs

Nebraska Department of Transportation | Niobrara, NE

In March 2019, Nebraska was hit with blizzard conditions and a “bomb cyclone” dumping rain on the frozen land, resulting in record flooding. These conditions led to significant disruptions to the state’s transportation system.

At the peak, over 3,300 miles of Nebraska roads were closed due to blizzard conditions, flooding or damage. Communities were cut off from resources and months later, detour routes still were impacting thousands daily. In floodwaters west of Niobrara, Nebraska, the Highway 12 Bridge over the Mormon Canal was completely swept away and the Highway 12 bridge over the Niobrara River was heavily damaged.

Benesch, already working on a highway project in Niobrara for the Nebraska Department of Transportation, was called upon for emergency response. Over 20 Benesch team members in six divisions worked together to deliver a set of biddable plans in just three weeks.

This $45 million project includes repairs to the existing bridge over the Niobrara River, the reconstruction of a new bridge over the Mormon Canal and installation of a temporary bridge to provide access over the Mormon Canal while a new permanent bridge is built. Construction of a temporary shoofly to maintain traffic and reconstruction of damaged roadway sections were also included.

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