Pinewood Springs Road & Bridge

Larimer County | Pinewood Springs, CO
bridge in mountains over water

Benesch provided construction management services to repair three bridges in the community of Pinewood Springs that were damaged in the 2013 floods. The adjacent roadway and Little Thompson River channel were also severely damaged. This project involved re-establishing and armoring the bank of the Little Thompson.

Benesch provided design and construction management for the county on these Federal Emergency Management Agency and federally funded projects, including certified payroll reviews and Equal Employment Opportunity wage interviews. Several issues were encountered during construction, including high water, shallower than anticipated bedrock, and phase changes. Benesch, the County, and the contractor worked together to develop solutions, resulting in a successful project.

Construction activities directly cut off access to many of the surrounding homes. To minimize interruptions, Benesch coordinated with the residents through public outreach.

Benesch provided construction management and full-time inspection. The project involved project management, topographic survey, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, geotechnical exploration, roadway design, general site improvements, construction management and construction inspection.

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